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Where To Buy Gemstone Bracelets?

24/11/2021 | Softran Team

Gemstones are great. The energy they release is positive. The benefits are multi-layered and abundant. One cannot however always carry them around. Prone to being lost they can get away from one’s hands. It is, therefore, best to have them embedded in jewellery. This has many benefits too. For one reason they look super cool. Secondly, you’ll be in continuous contact with their positive energy. The attributes of gems aren’t novel. Humans have been wearing them for thousands of years. The stones have been used for medicinal as well as cleanse purposes. A filter to make your life brighter. When touched with your body their energy can transform your soul.  A large variety of gemstones are available across the world now. Intricately cut and beautifully designed shapes. Worn as fashion as well as medicine, gems are a common but precious commodity.

There’s a strong chance that your life will become better with gems. The etiquette of wearing gems shall be discussed in detail in a coming piece. For now, we are to check as to how to get one’s hands-on real gems. The answer is simple; Visit Ravia Jewels. Our storehouses a large variety of stones with various designs. In this article, we want to bring you up to date with some new items on our racks.

Glamorous Garnet Studs

The sky is the limit with these captivating studs. Taking you to new heights with its brilliant shade.  Made to portray your heightened refinement with these oval-shaped Garnet studs. These dazzling sterling-silver halo stud earrings are encrusted with deep red garnet and surrounded by cubic zirconias for a dazzling shine. Just the subtle elegance you need to enhance your everyday look!


1920’s Vintage Ruby Filigree Bracelet

A vintage silver filigree bracelet adorned with alternating oval shape ruby stones. It glistens from within with its double-edged settings with fancy links. It is die-struck and hand-finished in sterling silver. The construction of and clasp on this 1920s classic are the same as those of filigree bracelets fashioned from precious metals in that decade. Elegant yet bold! This bracelet will add up the romance with filigree metalwork and ruby gemstones.


Princess DI Iconic Pendant

Wear this world-famous design to lead in a versatile fashion atmosphere. A true investment in style. The world knows this stunning Diana style. Like any classic, the world will surely notice when you wear it around. Princess Diana's designs are the ultimate word in good taste and exquisite detailing. This elegant pendant features beautifully faceted blue sapphire stone encircled in glittering clear Cubic Zirconia. Adding beauty and sparkle to your life, it is a perfect royal statement piece. Reflect your gloss in the sunshine by showcasing the elegance and romance of this gemstone.


Vintage Glamorous Tanzanite Ring

Radiate elegance with this vintage-inspired gemstone ring. A regal look with made with utmost care. This ring will surely captivate your look. Crafted in fine sterling silver, this ring showcases an oval-shaped purple-blue tanzanite centre stone. A textured frame, scattered with shimmering cubic zirconia accents, surrounds the gemstone. With its brilliant colours and a bright polished shine, this ring is destined to become one of your most treasured pieces.