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What Bracelets To Wear In 2021-22?

22/11/2021 | Softran Team

Jewellery is different from other wardrobe items. Once worn it is usually kept for at least a couple of days. This makes it something more important than other items in the closet. Seemingly simple, it has the quality of completely transforming your look. From grace to class, it adds whatever you desire. But some basic guidelines must always be followed to flash one’s best look. With Coronavirus smoothing its effects, new fashion trends have emerged. Some are in vintage while most are in modern set-ups. Good jewellery makes you dazzle on a Skype call as well as in a real event. The power of nice fashion items cannot be overstated. The elegance and grace they help you embody are world-class. We at Ravia Jewels take fashion statements very seriously. We update our catalogue every season to keep our customers updated. This season we have introduced a whole new range of bracelets. This article discussed five major designs we have introduced. There are other items on the website too!


Delicate Gold-Plated Silver Chain Bracelet

Make your wrist sparkle with this delicate design. This festive and elegant bracelet is composed of vintage gold. It is set in a plated three-row line Bracelet. A classic design perfect for every occasion. Closed with an adjustable lobster clasp for a secure fit.


Lemon Quartz Bracelet

An elegant eye-catching addition to your bracelet collection. This silver made gemstone bangle is adorned with faceted cut Lemon Quartz. The stone is slightly raised to highlight its class. Indeed, one of the best fashion statements out there.


Charming Amethyst Bangle Bracelet

A piece of jewellery to take their breath away. Completely charming and elegant. This gemstone bangle bracelet gives a sophisticated to your style. Crafted in sterling silver, this heart-melting design features an oval-shaped bright purple amethyst set in a double silver setting secured with a hook clasp.


Elegant Green Amethyst Bangle Bracelet

An exquisite and sensuous design crafted in Sterling Silver. It uses Green Amethyst gemstone to turn their heads. Polished to a bright shine, this fun and the fabulous bangle is secure with a hook clasp.


Glamorous Tanzanite Bracelet

Make an alluring addition to your collection with this glamorous piece. This perfect bracelet features glimmering oval tanzanites. It is surrounded by a sea of cubic zirconia in a unique formation. A refined piece that demands a second look. Perfect to be worn wear on special occasions to give you a modern and elite look.