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Ultimate Guide To Wedding Bands

10/10/2022 | Softran Team

One of the most important decisions to be made during wedding shopping is concerning jewellery selection. The ring is a prime choice. It must be beautiful and timeless. But there is another cousin of rings. The wedding band. It is as important as the ring itself. The only complication is, that the couple gets to select it together, thus making it a serious debate. What must one choose? Something not too low and something not excessively high. Just the perfect match to your personality and event. This creates a lot of confusion among couples.

We at Ravia care for you. This is why we have made this special guide for you. Check it out and make the best choice for your wedding day.



            One of the best choices to make concerning a wedding band is the eternity band. A subtle romantic band you can wear around to flaunt the eternal connection between your souls. The eternity symbol can be embedded with diamonds, gems and pearls to bring some extra love to this marvellous choice. Just the perfect way to express your eternal connection with each other.


Plain Band

            This is one of the finest choices in the market. A timeless traditional fashion that has been followed across centuries, and for good reasons. The simplicity of this fashion item makes it a masterpiece. The beauty of this sort of band is that it can be matched or mixed with your wedding rings too. A rose gold band can be contrasted with a pure gold ring, or the other way round. The preference is yours, but don’t forget to bring it some minor indentations and embellishments into the mix too.


Contour Band

            In simple terms, a Contour Band is an imitation of your wedding ring, but to be worn around your wrist. So basically, it is a ring that you get to wear on your arm. It is kind of the ditto copy of your ring, a beautiful imitation if you are wearing a statement piece as the wedding ring. It is a good way to uplift your aura on the wedding day.


Pave Bands

            A Pave band is the kind of band where there are diamonds or gems embedded across your wrist. These stones are held in tiny prongs, which, in most cases, aren’t that much visible, therefore giving a seamless fashion statement. The best kind of pave bands are petite ones, hence they are the most favoured. These are also quite glittery.