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Tips For Keeping Jewelry During Traveling

26/10/2022 | Softran Team

We all like a good family trip across the country or globe. Each trip has its specific qualities. Whether going outside the country or visiting places across your state, certain things must be accompanied along such adventures. Clothes, Shoes, Gadgets and most importantly Jewellery. One would never want to look all shabby just because they are on the road. Class and grace must accompany you whenever you are on the road. But here’s the catch, keeping jewellery on the go can sometimes damage it. Instead of taking emotional decisions at the last minute, it is best if our readers follow this thought-out guideline. This article is dedicated to teaching our readers what must one do to keep one’s jewellery safe and protected on the road. Without further ado, let’s dive right into the topic.


What must one carry?

The most important decision to consider before getting on the road is what may one carry! The rule of thumb is that all jewellery that you might worry about losing on the road should be left at home in a safe. Keep in mind that travelling is different from routine. You are always on the go. Shifting through places and only staying temporarily in cities or countries. It is therefore recommended that all things of great emotional or monetary value must be left at home. No ifs or buts. Only take along inexpensive things, both in terms of money and memories.


Now, let’s discuss how should you pack your jewellery!

  1. Jewellery Case; Always consider buying a simple travel jewellery case before getting on the road. These special boxes are easy to carry, robust and well-built in nature, thus the best choice to keep. There are some boxes with inbuilt small compartments for individual jewellery items, they must be preferred over simple kind of cases.


  1. Make Use of Straws: Yes, you heard it right. One of the simplest and minimalistic ways of keeping your chains straight and tangle-free is to slip them into straws. Simple drinking straws will do the trick. Just make sure the straw is either new or has been thoroughly washed and dried before storing it in your chains.


  1. Earrings in Cards: While arranging your earrings, one of the most effective ways is to poke minute holes in cards and then punch your earrings in them. This way the chances of damage are minimized to a great extent.


  1. Pill Box: Another simple truck to keep your small jewellery items tangle free and organized on the trip keep them in a pill box. The small compartments are best for keeping rings and earrings. Just make sure to cover the jewellery in cloth or tissue paper to avoid scratches.