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Ten Most Common Mistakes When Shopping For Jewellery Online

01/08/2022 | Softran Team

When you hear the word “jewellery”, your first impression is probably that it’s probably expensive and sparkly. However, this couldn’t be more wrong! Jewellery should never be expensive or extravagant; it should be affordable and something you can wear every day. That being said, buying the right type of jewellery for different occasions can sometimes be a little tricky. So, to make sure you get what you need and nothing but the best when it comes to buying jewellery online, we’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when shopping for jewellery online.  


Going for the obvious choice first thing in the morning.

This one is big: don’t do it! If you’re buying online, don’t even think about it. You’re better off walking into a store and trying on pieces you like, trying on different sizes, and trying on different styles. If you’re buying for a relative or a friend, go for it. However, if you’re buying for yourself, don’t even think about it.


Not reading the description properly

Your first impression of a particular piece of jewellery should be based on the information provided in the listing. You should know the type of metal it is, the way it’s made, the intended use, whether it’s worth keeping, and how much it’s worth. If you’re buying online, the description should include all of this information so you don’t end up buying something that doesn’t exist.


Buying expensive items

Jewellery is never going to be expensive and if you’re buying for yourself, you should be aiming for pieces that are one of a kind or very rare. While you can’t predict the market price of any given item, it’s common practice to price search items to get an idea of how much it is worth before you make a purchase. If you have to pay full price for an item, it probably isn’t worth the money.


Offering to gift your favorite piece to a loved one

This one is pretty serious: you should never offer to gift anything to anyone else. Even if you’re buying for a family member or friend, never offer to give away your prized possession. It’s incredibly rude and indicative of high levels of stress in the relationship at the time. Instead, treat the person you’re buying for as if they were your family member or friend.


Only looking at the physical appearance of a jewellery item

Your first impression of a particular piece of jewellery should take into account both its aesthetics and its functionality. You should look at the physical properties of the item such as its weight, its feel, and the way it looks when it’s on your body. However, don’t just look at its surface. Explore the item’s interior as well. You should know the ins and outs of the item such as how it was made, who made it, and what materials it is made of.


Buying something too small or too big

If you wear a size 6 or larger, likely, you can comfortably wear a size 8 or 9 pieces of jewellery. However, if you’re an average-sized person, you might have trouble even wearing the right-sized piece of jewellery. If you’re not sure what you wear, try on a variety of pieces to get a feel for what you usually wear. If you find that a given piece is too big or too small, you can always send it back and exchange it for a different size.



If you’ve been making mistakes when shopping for jewellery online, we hope this list of the most common ones helps you out. Now, go out and treat yourself to that stunning piece of jewellery you’ve been dreaming of!