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Silver Jewellery Tips: How To Clean It And Where To Keep It?

02/05/2022 | Softran Team

Sterling silver is the ultimate choice for fashion jewellery. It is even the choice for antique and collectable items. You can take pride in owning your collection of fine sterling silver. Whether it is a sterling silver bracelet, a sterling silver necklace, sterling silver earrings, or a sterling silver ring, you'll be delighted to wear it. Sterling silver is affordable and affordable to maintain. It will make a wonderful addition to your home and it can even be a potential retirement investment!


Caring for your jewellery is easy once you understand the basics. Taking care of your valuables is a process that doesn't have to be difficult. Understanding what each step means and knowing what you need to do is the first step. Learning this information will ensure that your jewellery is properly cared for and kept in good condition. Most people have questions about caring for their jewellery and need to learn the proper care and cleaning of their jewellery. This article will discuss the basics of each step of the care and cleaning process. This article will also help you to understand why certain steps are necessary, and how you can properly care for and clean your jewellery piece.


So what is tarnish?

The tarnish is a surface problem and not an irreversible result of wear. Tarnish is a chemical reaction between oxygen and silver, which causes your jewellery to appear dull and dingy. This is often the result of oxidation from the air and your body sweat. And the good news is that oxidized jewellery is easily cleaned. To ensure that your sterling silver jewellery continues to dazzle, you'll want to know the best way to clean it. We've got your back! We've gathered the results of the most recent studies to determine the best silver polish for cleaning your favourite pieces.


Without further ado, here's what we found.


The Common Method

There are many ways to clean silver jewellery. Some methods are faster than others, but it's the permanency of the results that matter. If you prefer a chemical-free choice for cleaning your silver, baking soda and water make a good option. When you rinse the baking soda off, be sure to dry the pieces completely, then follow with a quick buffing to remove any residue and restore shine. Baking soda, water, and a soft brush are all you need to clean silver, but this method doesn't always remove all the dirt and grime from your jewellery, leaving it dull and lacking lustre.


The Silver Polishing Cloth by Ravia

A polishing cloth is an example of a metal polish cloth. This type of cloth is great for bringing shine and lustre back to tarnished metal. The majority of tarnish removal will most likely be due to the metal's exposure to air and the acids that are contained within. After wearing your metal, check it for tarnish, wipe it clean with a clean, soft, anti-tarnish cloth, and polish with a metal polish cloth to bring it back to its original shine.


Keeping it Safe

There are many gems in the market today that offer beautiful ways to store your jewellery. And, many affordable solutions won't break the bank either. Keep your silver out of the sunlight and high heat or direct sunlight. And, keep it in a closed box or container to prevent oxidation and tarnishing. Our favourite is common wooden boxes available at drugstores, retail stores and online. These are great for travel. For safekeeping of your fine silver, you also might consider getting a small firebox or a jewellery box with a fire-resistant lining. If you have a lot of silver, consider a small safe.


Your jeweller will appreciate your care and is so much happier when you give it the attention it deserves. If you have any questions about the care of your jewellery, don't hesitate to contact us!