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27/08/2021 | Syed Ali

With a service history spanning over a decade, Ravia Jewels has always prided itself in being the top most gemstone and precious stone jeweller in Pakistan. With a presence in physical as well as E-Commerce market, our establishment has served the needs of thousands of clients in premium quality jewellery, and everyday wear adornments alike. As a family held business, the feedback and review given by our happy customers is dear to us. In this article, we have complied some of the most cure and heart touching comments and reviews given by Ravia Family.


“I ordered cubic zirconia studs from Ravia. Got a free gift along. i have been buying silver studs since ages, have tried plenty of brand but never did i get such exquisite quality. Highly recommended”

Naseem Mustafa


Received the pendant I'd ordered with a personalized message of thanks and a free gift. Products were of very good quality. Packaging was also nicely done. Really good experience overall. Definitely ordering again. Kudos to the customer service”

Saeed Khan


Lovely sterling silver jewellery featuring an incredibly wide range of precious and semi-precious stones from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Iran and beyond. All of Ravia’s jewellery is of high quality and sold at honest prices. She is an expert in gems and provides excellent advice. Highly recommended.”

Catherine Weibel


Ravia 's doing their job very well , they are absolutely highly recommended, because they are specialists in their field. I mean look at the pictures, plus One tiger 🐯 eye beaded bracelet as gift with greetings note.”

Majid Gondal



Thank you so much Ravia Jewels your product is so nice and beautiful. We recommend you always. Thanks a lot Ravia Jewels”

Shazia Irfan



Hey i got my parcel just now I n just loved my bracelet its stunning thank you so much Jazakallah n Thanx alot for that sweet gift bracelet of beads i loved it n i just wore it i was always looking for these beads bracelet or band if you have more please do let me know Thanks a lot

Ayesha Fazal


“Beautifully displayed everything. All the jewelry is authentic and absolutely amazing. Ravia is very professional and hardworking. She has a knowledge of what she is doing and will not disappoint you. i highly recommend Ravia Jewels.”

Umm E Mohammad


Never in my dreams, I thought that such luxury brands would be working in Pakistan. The packaging and in the end the final chain was beyond my expectations!”

Mr. Ahmed


Your customer service is commendable. It's so rare that such attention is given to ensuring the customer is at ease with what they are ordering, confirming the order through email, also checking via call. It's the little things that make you want to shop again. Keep going strong!”