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November Birthstone Jewelry at Ravia

26/11/2022 | Softran Team

The month of November means many things. For some, it’s the arrival of the cold winds of winter, it’s a time of healing, for some it’s a time of warm coffees and long nights in bed. But one cannot deny that November is a beautiful and serene month filled with cold, rain, and quietude.


And for a month like November, it is equally important that a person makes sure their jewelry reflects the beauty of the month. The birthstone for November then is the Topaz. The Topaz stone symbolizes love and affection. The stone is also believed to prevent heart disease by improving blood circulation. The stone also helps in fighting anorexia and aids in digestion. The stone also provides prosperity and energy to its owner and gives vibrations of success. The stone is known for being comforting and soothing to anyone who wears it as it betters your hormonal balance. As such many use it as a remedy for depression. A lot of jewelry is created using this beautiful gemstone, this list will tell you about the topaz jewelry that can be found at Ravia. 


  1. Divine Blue Topaz Pendant

This beautiful blue topaz pendant is meant to bring out your sophistical side. In the shape of a teardrop, it will no doubt be able to make your spirit more refined and stylish.


  1. Blue Topaz eternity band   

The band uses a beautiful mix of topaz and sterling silver to create a band one would feel empty without. This is an amazing gift for you or a loved one that is sure to give you energy and increase your confidence.



  1. Swiss blue topaz women’s pendant

The blue topaz in the middle of the pendant is crafted in a very elegant manner that breathes simplicity and beauty into the piece. The centerpiece is held with a set of prongs and is surrounded by glittering royal zircons to give it a touch of sophistication and mystique.


  1. Women’s London blue topaz ring

With an oval-shaped topaz centerpiece, this ring is sure to make your partner feel loved, the beauty of the piece is something that would melt anyone’s heart.


  1. Blue Topaz Bewitching Drops

Crafted in the shape of a blue teardrop, the most aesthetic shape to be found in nature, these earrings are sure to be the center of attention anytime you go out.