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Necklaces That Complement Your Eid Look Perfectly

25/04/2022 | Softran Team

During Ramadan, the hearts of women all over the world beat in unison with their desire to celebrate the Eid holiday with true elegance. And as the beloved month-long Muslim celebration draws to a close, the anticipation of Eid grows exponentially, as does the joyous anticipation of gifts and the opportunity to shop for the end-of-Ramadan purchase. So, during this Eid Festival, if you are looking for some special jewellery designs, we have great news for you.

Ravia Jewels are ready to make your Eid a truly blessed one. We create personal, elegant and unique expressions of your style. Our creations are fashion-forward and are designed to make you feel beautiful, confident and unique on Eid, your wedding or any day! We offer a wide array of beautiful personal designs that are stylish, elegant and simply exquisite. The pieces are unique, handcrafted, exclusive and made with you in mind!

Here are some of our finest pieces for your Eid look!


Chic Style multi-colour Necklace

With its unique colour combination, this necklace is a must-have that would easily impress with its one-of-a-kind style. Pair this necklace with your Eid dress and sandals for an effortlessly chic look. This outfit will look super classy and chic, especially when you toss on these two-toned shoes. It's truly a beautiful necklace. When you pick out your statement necklace, make sure it's something that you love and think you'll wear every day. It'll be worth it!


Women's Vintage Mid-Century Emerald Necklace

This one-of-a-kind necklace will be a lovely addition to your jewellery collection or can be worn alone for a simple and elegant look. The necklace is a classic piece that shall compliment your Eid look. It’s a great accent to any dress, and for Eid, the best way to make this look your own is to add a statement piece.


Amazonite, Amethyst and Labradorite Beaded Necklace Set

If you're looking for a new and unique option, then you'll love this Amazonite, Amethyst, and Labradorite Beaded Necklace Set. It's versatile and can be paired with any outfit. This statement piece will uplift your aspirations and make you stand out in the crowd. This piece will surely make you a fashion icon this Eid ul Fitr. Don't be left out, get one for yourself or friends and family.


Black Onyx Biolette Chain Necklace for Women

This Black Onyx Necklace is a really special piece of jewellery, which will make a perfect gift for someone you love or for yourself, to wear this Eid. Onyx beads, lend an appealing look to this gorgeous necklace. The Onyx beads look amazing with the silver chain, and when worn, the beads will draw all the attention to your neck. This necklace goes perfectly with any kind of Eid Attire attire, whether it be a shirt or a salwar kameez. This stunning Onyx bead necklace is a must-have for fashion lovers!