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Men’s Ring Collection By Ravia

30/06/2022 | Softran Team

The trends in men’s jewellery, especially rings, are once again on the rise. Markets full of exciting designs of men’s rings in silver and gold are beaming with excitement. The younger lot, millennials and co., have reclaimed rings as the ultimate go-to jewellery for men.  This recent rise in the trend can be attributed to social media personalities’ flaunting of this jewellery item. Similar trends were also observed in fashion shows across Europe. Not only gems but even pearls have been seen being worn by men.  

Traditionally, in the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East, finger rings are worn by men on the right-hand index finger or the right thumb, although some men wear them on any other finger of the right hand, some wear rings on the left hand and some on both hands. 

Most striking is the number of men’s rings with stones in the form of jewellery, coloured with elegance and minimalism, which are available in many jewellery stores. Gold is no longer a precious material for men to get rings from; apparently, silver is making a stronghold in the men’s jewellery market. The designs today are relatively more sober and simple, with the practicality of a ring being the prime objective.

Some of the designer styles that are available in the market today go from simple to eccentric and even weird. The current designs cater to a variety of tastes. There are so many designs of rings available in different styles and materials, which makes it difficult for men to choose from. The most common material for men’s rings in silver. The alloy used for silver can vary, depending on the type of ring that is being made.  Sterling silver rings are some of the most common designs.

In this article, we discuss top men’s rings by Ravia Jewels. The catalogue presented in this article is merely introductory. There’s a whole new range of rings that you must check out. Without further delay, let’s dive in.


  1. Men's Mystic Ametrine Ring: An incredibly rare kind of ring made from a uniquely cut gemstone, this overwhelming ring features bi-colour yellow and purple, shades of citrine and amethyst gemstones. The ring is fused in a silver frame making it look all mystic. Suitable for all occasions, this ring is best for evenings.


  1. Men's Vintage London Blue Topaz Ring: Rendered artistically, this unique ring of silver is crafted around a majestic Blue Topaz. The charming glow of this beautiful ring is filled with brilliance and crafted with precision.


  1. Elegant Turquoise Ring for Men: The oval-shaped turquoise ring is made in 925 sterling silver. Set in bezels, the band of this ring sits wonderfully around its wearer’s finger, giving him a perfect look.