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Men Accessories by Ravia

10/06/2022 | Softran Team

A well-crafted accessory can always take you around the world. Shiny Cufflinks complement your dress fused with a nice bracelet that you flaunt around. It is things like these that truly make the modern man. The old gentleman used to be different. The taste of accessories as well as the choice of that time was different. Bright colours with shiny sights were all anyone could think of. Times have changed. The modern man looks classy yet fashionable. He will never wear an excessively intimidating colour unless he can truly look great in it.

            A great outfit says a lot about men’s personalities. A perfectly curated accessory will enhance that look. There’s no doubt that accessories are important. They are embellishments that tailors cannot make. It needs a special sort of art and finesse to create timeless pieces.

It’s been seen that many men shy away from wearing jewellery. They think it is too feminine. But these gentlemen forget the importance that detailing items to hold.

In this article, we would like to present a few of the best men’s accessories that Ravia Jewels has made. Each from a different sort of universe. This article is kind of an introductory note to our customers for our men’s collection. There’s a whole universe of undiscovered gems we’ll express in due time. But until that time comes, let’s see what we have already revealed to the world;


  1. Men's Modern Star Ruby Tie Pin – Made in sterling silver, this classically crafted tie clip has an embedded cabochon-cut star ruby. The ruby on shining silver gives the extra edge that most men desire in these times. A step further than what most have to offer, the clip can be worn on formal and casual occasions alike. Best for anything from office meetings to wedding events.

  1. Moonstone Collar Pin for Men – The perfect accessory to accent your lapel, this sterling silver collar pin houses a greyish moonstone. A dash of shine and charm to the boredom and monotony of life, this pin is perfect for those who dare to be different.


  1. Peridot Button for Men – Made to be worn on tuxedo shirts, these peridot featuring buttons is wrapped in sterling silver. The everlasting shine of the buttons makes them something you would want your generations to hold on to. The best fashion accessory for formal events.


There’s much more that Ravia Jewels has to offer to the world. Don’t miss out and visit our website to get the best options for your special occasions.