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June Birthstone Jewelry at Ravia

16/06/2022 | Softran Team


The month of June brings forth the signs of coming fresh seasons. The bright sunlight coupled with occasional streams of rain makes the time worthwhile. Margaritas sipped across cafes in open streets with children playing everywhere around. This is what makes June one of the happiest times of the year.

            In terms of jewellery, the month is a blessing too. Pearls are the birthstones of this beautiful month. The refreshing aura that pearls carry around truly compliments the times of goodness spent around this time of year. Opposite to melancholic evenings of winter, the afternoons of June are pleasant for walks and outdoor parties.

            In this article, we want to discuss the dedicated collection of June pearls that our company flaunts. Most of these items are comparatively cost-friendly while providing the quality everyone will admire. Without further delay, let’s just dive in;


  1. Pearl Necklace, Bracelet and Pearl Studs - This beautiful set of Studs, bracelets and Necklace made in pearl take the most out of fashion and class. Designed in a traditional yet modern look, this set of jewels holds a unique design providing its wearer with a biting charm, nobility, and attraction. The beautiful white colour of these pearls set in a sterling setting brings out the intricacy that artists have eloped with these jewellery items. 


  1. Vintage Pearl Studs – These classic-styled studs blend class and modernity perfectly. The sparkling touch of shimmer underlines the superior craftsmanship of this vintage piece. A perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.


  1. Pearl Ear Cuffs Dangle for Women – Designed in silver for those who have a special corner in their hearts for statement pieces. These beautiful dangle earrings are piercing-free, meaning they can be adorned without any piercings on the ear. Just slip them behind your ears to flaunt around in these classic timeless pieces. A perfect choice for those who admire grace.


  1. Humble Chic Pearl Ear Studs – Made in pure sterling silver, these marvellous studs only become better with all that wear and tear. A perfect gift choice for your loved one, or the special person in your heart. Give this to the lady of your life, and let it spread its magic.


  1. Pearl and Black Onyx Necklace, Bracelet and Studs - Made with a mix of black onyx and June pearls, this statement set is sure to steal everyone’s heart around. Enchant the onlookers with the delicately curated intricacies of this crafted masterpiece.