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Gem Stones Jewelry by Ravia Jewels

29/09/2021 | Syed Ali

Established over a decade ago, Ravia Jewels prides itself with having the largest variety and catalogue of natural gemstones in Pakistan. All gems found in our in person outlet as well as our website are 100% authentic. All of our designs are made with love by our team of expert craftsmen, and any piece you pick is completely different from any other gemstone or jewel that you will find in our collection. This sense of preciousness, and uniqueness is what makes our brand the most suitable for you to choose from. To make it easy for our consumers, we have listed some options from our premium as well as everyday collection;

Khayaal from Baad-e-Saba Collection

A beautiful set studded with Ruby strings which are adorned with a gold plating touch, our Diva’s Set is the perfect choice for you if you are an aficionado of exquisite and contemporary poise. Radiating the elegance of eastern civilization, this heritage piece embodies sophistication and excellence! Blending traditional style with the modern trend, this majestic set features a beautiful arrangement of Ruby Strings Mala, giving it a vintage Royal princess look. 


Dutch’s of Heart Garnet Pendant from Wisaal Collection

Styled like a well-chiselled metal dagger, this bold pendant is inspired by the classical traditions of Czechoslovakia. Bountifully bejeweled with a wide array of dusky wine-red garnets, the pendant is indeed a showstopper whenever worn. Something more glamorous than a clear night sky itself.


Royal Bloom and Velvet Luxury Amethyst Set from Wisaal Collection


Inspired by summer sunsets and winter skylines, this stunning Royal Purple Hue Amethyst Set is handcrafted to help you make a true color statement. Featuring translucent gemstones, this Bridal set is set in the sterling shade to flaunt vibrant shades of purple Amethyst and spellbinding beauty that your appearance on the Special Day denotes. Let’s help you make your day memorable with this precious set of jewelry.


Chiragh e Husn from Baad-e-Saba


Masterfully crafted to the limits of perfection to make their hearts skip a beat. Adorned with stones of all colors, this gorgeous multi-coloured set will become a rainbow over your special day. Emblematic of life and existential journey, the rough and polished stones reflect both sides of the story. This Bridal set comes along with three rough-cut tourmaline strands, a gold-plated nose ring (Nath), and a delicately colorful Maang Tikka to brighten up your attire.


Alongside these sets and designs of gemstone jewellery form our premium Collection, you can check out our other unique designs from gift sets collection, as well as men and women collections. Each Gem’s story is unique in its own right, and each gem is dying to tell its tale!