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Essentials Of Men Jewelry At Ravia

07/02/2022 | Softran Team

The secret is taking the time to choose accessories that match the wearer's style, taste, and budget, and create a look that is a reflection of his personality and values. The first rule to remember is that every piece of jewellery should be made of precious metal. The different categories of men's jewellery are defined by the materials used for their manufacture, ranging from among various precious metals for rings, necklaces and cufflinks. Unfortunately, most men have little to no idea about how to select a good piece of jewellery for themselves, and often mistake cheap materials for an expensive accessory!

When you choose precious metal, you are assured of its value and durability. All metals are not equal. Some wear out fast, while others will last for long. For value, you should aim for gold and silver. For durability, you should look for the best options. Gold is chosen for its beauty. It has been valued since ancient times for its aesthetic appeal, meaning and symbolism. It is considered a precious metal because it is very rare! It glitters with an alluring, radiant splendour that is difficult to ignore.

Silver has a softer touch, and for some, it is a better alternative than gold. It is also durable and highly elegant. Other precious metals include platinum and palladium. They are also considered to be fine choices. Silver jewellery is tarnished easily, and only a few can resist its pull. It is widely used to make jewellery pieces because of its beauty and durability. Even if you’re not a jewellery-wearing kind of guy, you should choose a few key pieces that stand out among all your other clothing pieces. 

We at Ravia deal with all kinds of materials for making fashion statement items for men. Each accessory has its unique story, which reflects the time and the place it was created, and also the ingenuity, ambition, capriciousness, and refinement of its creator.


Men's Mystic Ametrine Ring - Rs.10,000;

This beautiful ring belongs to the Ravia’s Mens’ collection. Ametrine is a rare and beautiful bicoloured quartz variety with a unique combination of amethyst and citrine colours in a single stone. Amethyst is a highly protective and grounding stone. It brings a feeling of peace and tranquillity, easing stress and strain. Wearing Amethyst can help reduce physical, emotional and mental tension. Amethyst encourages sobriety, being useful in fighting addictions of all kinds.


Translucent Baltic Amber Ball pendant - Rs.6,000;

The purpose of Baltic Amber is multilayered. It protects against nightmares and evil dreams and brings pleasant and happy dreams. It also gives perseverance, courage, strength and hope. Helps you to be optimistic and effective in work and study.


Elite London Blue Topaz Men's Cufflinks - Rs.15,000;

These cufflinks are an excellent gift for an office professional or as a memento from a business associate. Whether you're looking for something to commemorate a special event or to simply treat yourself, these London Blue Topaz cufflinks are the perfect gift idea and can be engraved on the back. Pair these cufflinks with a matching tie bar, stud earrings, and pendant for a wonderful gift combination.


Identify Curb Link Men's Bracelet - Rs.7,000;

A very unique bracelet that is sure to be a talking point among your friends. Handmade using the finest 925 sterling silver and a beautiful quality clasp. This classic bracelet has been carefully crafted using a combination of Figaro and flat curb links and finished with a blank panel that could be engraved and is perfectly finished with a lobster clasp. Great for any occasion! A beautiful classic style bracelet that will last a lifetime. It is a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewellery that will sparkle in the light.