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Earring Essentials For Everyday Use

15/02/2022 | Softran Team

Earrings are not only a fashion statement but also a must-have for everyday use.  Most earrings are classified according to the piercings they go with. The most common are the drop earrings which looks great on ears with tunnels. For ears with piercings that have a single hole each, there are studs and teardrop earrings. Hoops, the most popular earrings, work best with a lobe that is pierced twice.

No matter what type of earrings you wear, it's important for them to be made of safe materials. Expect to have reactions like swelling and itching if you have sensitive ears. Some earrings are also more prone to slippage as they tend to get lighter, so choose a style that can hold itself in place.

Earring materials take a lot of abuse and therefore, should be carefully chosen. Here is a handy list of materials that you should buy your favourite earrings. Silver and Gold Silver and gold are the most popular metals used in the making of earrings. They are great conductors of heat and are resistant to corrosion. They are also hardwearing, making them a good choice for daily wear.


Some platinum earrings are more expensive than silver ones as it is more scarce. However, the higher cost is well justified as platinum is a precious metal, making it more durable. Other metals Titanium and plastic are other popular choices for earrings. Titanium is an extremely strong material, making it ideal for earrings. However, it is a rather high-maintenance material, as is silver and gold. Therefore, the earrings should be regularly taken care of to ensure they stay

Here are a few things to remember before you go shopping for your earrings.


  1. Your jewellery should match the other accessories you choose to wear. If you are wearing a dress with a bit of shimmer, you can add a bling-bling pair of earrings.


  1. lightweight Earrings, in great balance and not long, usually rest better on your ears.


  1. Keep it simple. Don't over accessorise, it will only make you look like you are trying too hard.


  1. Earrings tear at the skin easily, so get the best quality ones you can afford.


  1. Don't pick earrings that are too heavy, they will only end up hurting and can cause infections.


  1. Use earring guards to protect your lobes from the sharp edges of your earrings.
  2. Keep them in your ears when you are sleeping. The weight and heat upon them can cause serious discomfort.

Ear piercing is something that many of us don't want to get unless there is a reason. You should, however, make sure that if you do decide to get it, you make the most out of it. While you can get any kind of earrings, it is important to make sure that you stick to the ones that are safe in terms of length, weight and material. In addition to that, change them out for different ones so that you can wear earrings for long hours without facing any kind of discomfort.