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Difference Between Chain, Necklace & Pendant

27/08/2021 | Syed Abdullah Zahid

Jewelry comes in various kinds, types, names, and gets sometimes confused by their names. Every piece of jewelry is unique and serves a definitive function of embracing the beauty of the person wearing it. Some pieces hold cultural significance while others carry a historical element with them. With time and progress there has been a shift towards mixing different types of jewelry. But the difference between the various kinds of jewelry can not be ignored.

Looking at the pieces dedicated to neck, such as chains, necklaces, and pendants, what makes them unique and different from each other? If you know the difference between them, you will be able to dress more appropriately for a particular occasion.

Let’s have a look at each of them and them it will be easy for you to pick and choose your style.


Starting with chain, it is usually made up of metals, ranging from silver to gold. The distinguishing factor of a chain is that the pieces of the metal are interjoined and clasped together to keep it secure and in place. If we look at the design of the chain, it is simple and in the technical terms it is a kind of necklace. But the main component of a chain is that there is nothing hanging around a chain, it is plain and simple in structure.

A chain adds a subtle look to your dress. it amplifies your personality but with a touch of decency. While comparing with a necklace, chains are thicker in structure and have more distinct loops. Overall, chains are added to complete a look.


Necklaces are the most famous kind of jewelry. They are worn across the globe with different variations. Some wear them with silver chain and a gemstone, while some wear them using gold as a base and then add embellishments to it.

Necklaces are worn on festive occasions like weddings. They come in various kinds, all follow a similar pattern, that is chain linked with a design in the form of a frame. The standard size of a necklace ranges from 16 to 18 inches, however necklaces can come in short sizes as well. Necklaces highlight the structure of the neck itself; it defines the neckline and draws the attention towards the whole outlook. So, in general necklaces play an important role in putting together the whole outfit.


Pendant is the jewelry piece that is attached with the chain, so, if a necklace has this feature, then it is called as a pendant. Structurally speaking pendant needs a necklace chain, but a necklace doesn’t always need a pendant to complete it.

A pendant is an additional feature of a necklace. Pendants adds extra volume to necklace, making it more stylish and thus making a solid statement on the viewer.

All three of these neck jewelry pieces are different and serves some particular purpose. We at Ravia make sure that you are served with the refined neck prices that will definitely enhance your beauty.