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Crystal Jewelry at Ravia

19/09/2022 | Softran Team

The history of crystal jewellery is quite fascinating. The word has its roots in the Greek term ‘Krystallos’. This is an ode to an ice palace where a mythical god residing on mount Olympus used to reside. It is said to have been of such strength that not even the sun could dare harm its body. This might be the reason why most humans in today’s world find crystals extra special. Over the long history of humankind, at least during the recorded period available to us, we have been wearing crystal jewellery for quite some time. Hence, it is safe to conclude that our love for this precious thing is spread across all parts of the world for as long as we can remember.

            Now coming to the reality of today’s world. Crystals are found across every part. They make up the crust of our planet, at least a majority of it. Some people find crystals to have healing powers. This is an indication of their spiritual healing powers not related to general physical health.

            Some common examples of crystals are clear quartz, rose quartz, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Moonstone, Aquamarine, Carnelian, Tourmaline and Black Onyx. We at Ravia Jewels make jewellery in almost all of these crystals. Let’s check out some of the finest pieces in crystals up for sale in our catalogue.


Quartz Long Drop Pendulum Pendant for Men

An expertly shaped and polished clear quartz crystal pendulum to increase your grace, charm and pose. Perfectly balanced with an elongated crystal, the pendant helps enhance and focus your energies on the things dear to you.



Breathtaking Raw Aquamarine Pendant

Fashioned with a vintage silver cluster, this raw aquamarine crystal pendant is lightweight and outwardly. Its rugged fashion, coupled with the fact that it is held with a cord, instead of a chain, makes it a must-have fashion accessory for sake of its simplicity and charm.



Black Onyx Briolette Chain Necklace for Women

Made with fifteen Black Onyx gems, this fascinating necklace is linked across with a silver chain and set with a spring clasp to hold it strongly on your person. A versatile piece of jewellery best to be worn across weddings and evening events alike, it is a must-have if black is the colour you are planning on wearing.


Dainty Amethyst Ring for Women

A marvellous ring with a bright and shining lavender-colored amethyst gem to make it work in all seasons. One of the finest choices in our collection, this ring is highly liked by our clientele. A must-have for all fashion Divas.