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Bridal Collection By Ravia

22/06/2022 | Softran Team

Weddings are the most important events in the lives of most humans. Deciding to finally tie the know with one’s loved one, these events are meant to be looked great. The arrangements of the wedding, as well as the dress and detailed jewellery items of the bride, must complement the positive vibe of the event. These days, brides have the chance to wear a variety of wedding dresses of different designs, styles and colours. The time has come when women have the chance to show off their individuality and wear a wedding dress that reflects their style.

Gone are the days when every bride was expected to wear a red dress that had a long train and covered the arms. There are no rules as to what dress to wear on such an important occasion. You can wear a fitted gown, or a long flowing one even if the other guests will be wearing the same type of dress. You can wear a dress that is your favourite colour, or one that has a specific design on it. The thing is that you will be the centre of attention, and the photographers will be taking photos from every angle. That is why it’s important to wear a wedding dress that flatters your body shape, is well-fitted, and most importantly, is comfortable enough for you to dance in.

The second most important thing to care for, in addition to one’s dress on the wedding day, is one’s jewellery. A bride’s jewellery must be extravagant to the extent of grace and beauty. It shouldn’t be too loud nor should it be too timid. Wedding accessories are the most important part of a bride’s look. They should have the perfect accessories for the look. Jewellery and accessories she wears on the wedding day should ideally be of the same or close to the same colour as what she wears in the mehndi.

Wedding jewellery should be chosen keeping in mind the style of the bridal attire. It should complement the overall look and should be completely in tune with the colour of the attire of the bride. Wedding jewellery should be made up of a combination of precious and semi-precious stones. Jewellery should be adorned with stones that are closest to the colour of the attire and complement each other. 

Choose from our impressive designs, and we will make your dreams come true. Ravia Jewels are committed to offering brides a huge range of jewellery to choose from. We offer a variety of designs and excellent customer service. With around a decade in the industry, we have satisfied many customers and brides, including several celebrities. Thus, it is not a surprise to see that we are rated as one of the top jewellery stores in Pakistan. The bride’s jewels should be beautiful, dazzling, and also show a sense of luxury. You, as a bride, should carry yourself with style on the most important day of your life. Be sure that your jewellery complements your dress and vice versa. Take a look at our bridal jewellery designs and collection.