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Birthstone Jewelry for September Born

28/09/2022 | Softran Team

Sapphire is the birthstone for September. A beautiful stone revered across history for its blue shades and shine. Long associated with the romance of lovers and royalty of queens, it epitomizes soul and fidelity. The name “Sapphire” is derived from the Greek word Sappheiros, meaning a blue-coloured precious stone. Another theory regarding Sapphire’s name is that it comes from the Sanskrit word Sanipriya, which means dark stone.

In one version of history, Sapphires have been referred to as insignia of heaven – the myth goes on to tell us about Sapphires bring about heaven’s blessings to its wearer. It is also said to have symbolized nobility, truth and sincerity. The connection of this stone to royalty can be explained by its usage among clergy and royalty of the past. The upper class of classical Rome and Greece wore it religiously to protect themselves from evil eyes. In Europe, the passion for this stone was so strong that some people believed it could even cure the plague and also could be used to counter poison. Whatever differences people might have had over the spiritual powers this stone possesses, all have strongly believed it to be one of the finest stones on earth.

Mined across the mountains of Madagascar, Kashmir, Australia, Thailand and Sri Lanka etc, Sapphire is, strength-wise, only second to Diamond in its strength. A durable birthstone, best for everyday use, it is used across the world for beauty and grace. The stones mined from the valleys of Kashmir are considered among the finest of their kind across the world. Countless mining expeditions have been busy on it for over a century now.

At Ravia Jewels, we house a dedicated collection of September birthstones. From simple everyday wear items to a premium collection containing sapphires, our jewellery is spreading like fire across niche customers. Let’s present some of our finest pieces for your eyes and choice.


Sapphire Bold Stacker - Rs.5,500.00

A perfect ring for those desirous of exploring the depths of their souls. Providing peace and prosperity to your soul, this stone is sure to bring tranquillity all across your persona.


Classic Sapphire Pendant for Women - Rs.5,000.00

A pendant of the classical kind, with strong prongs holding the stone down, to make your person all charming and desirous.


Exquisite Sapphire Women's Set - Rs.8,500.00

A symbol of everlasting love and elegance, this set of Pendant, Ring and Earrings is sure to make your lover’s eyes beam with happiness. Show her that you care.


Women's Vintage Mid-Century Sapphire Necklace - Rs.12,000

A beaded necklace similar to the ones donned by royalty across history. Elegantly designed with three strings of lustrous sapphires.