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August Birthstone Jewelry

08/08/2022 | Softran Team

Encompassing green hues and yellow tint, Peridots are August’s most cherished birthstone. A green magnificence that enchants all jewellery pieces for eternity. One of the rarest gems found on the crust of the earth, this stone has a marvellous story and exciting fun facts. Peridot is green in colour and comes only in that shade – a shining yellow-green colour. Dubbed as the Evening Emerald, Peridot shines day and night alike.

            The history of Peridots is quite fascinating too and is as old as the world itself. Dating back to 4.5 billion years, peridots are found across space in other parts of the universe too. It is also formed on earth in molten rocks and its deposits are found around the world, including in Pakistan, the United States, China and Tanzania etc.

            Peridot has been one of the most treasured stones in history. The people of Hawai considered it the tears of their goddess of fire, the Pele, while to ancient Egyptians it was the gem of sun protecting its carrier from night’s terrors. Even in today’s world, Peridot is considered a symbol of calm, peace and good luck. Apart from this, it has also historically held a royal aura around it. Cleopatra’s favourite, green gems made a large part of Egyptian royalty’s jewels collection too. There’s a folklore reason why people were so fond of this marvellous stone. Ancient myth tells us that August’s birthstone promotes happiness, wards off evil spirits as well as provides protection from nightmares.

Another distinctive feature of the Peridot that affects its health and price is the colour. Unlike most gemstones, Peridots come in various shades. Starting from olive-type green going all the way to light green shades, the colour of this stone varies depending on the iron content it houses.

Similarly, another factor defining the pricing of the stone is its size. The larger the peridot, the more priced it is. This is partly because larger Peridots show richer shades of green and also come with a light-yellow tint. This is why gems with darker shades go in the higher end of the pricing schedule while lighter stones are relatively cost-friendly and affordable.

Finally, the last important factor in determining the rarity and quality of a Peridot is its clarity. High-quality and clear Peridots are visible to the naked eye. They are considered cleaner, for the reflective index of these stones is on the nice side of the spectrum. Keep in mind that no two peridots can ever be similar.

This sums up the basics of Peridots. We at Ravia Jewels have a vast collection of Peridot jewels that can be easily bought by visiting our store or checking out our website. Happy Shopping.