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Anniversary Gift Ideas by Ravia Jewels

10/01/2022 | Softran Team

If you're looking for anniversary gift ideas for your spouse, consider focusing on giving back to your relationship. "One of the best anniversary gifts I received was a framed selection of my favourite photos from our wedding day," says Sloane. "I loved that it was something that I could look at and reminisce over". We've got you covered with these anniversary gift ideas for your partner and it's safe to say that there's bound to be an idea that will suit your budget and their style. Anniversary gift ideas are available for a range of years and they're sure to make your partner happy. Find a gift that fits their interests and hobbies or one that's practical and you'll find them appreciate your thoughtfulness. When you're in a relationship, it's important to show your partner you care, especially on special occasions. A gift will make them happy, whether it's a wedding anniversary, birthday or Christmas present.

Scroll down below for some more anniversary gift ideas;


  1. Women's Vintage Mid-Century Emerald Necklace -Rs.14,000:

This staggering three-strand beaded necklace is made in excellent high-satisfactory inexperienced emerald beads. The necklace capabilities a big variety of graduating emerald beads and is secured with a spring clasp at the lower back that's made in sterling silver and is closed with a sterling silver adjustable chain. The clasp suggests mild wear, however overall, a lovable supplement to the necklace. This piece will attract all eyes to you!


  1. Vintage Ethnic Heart Earrings for Women - Rs.6,000:

These antique ethnic rings are amusing and fabulous, made from sterling silver fashioned right into a heart's outline, and placing off small floral designs over it. Super mild and clean to put on all day long.


  1. Dutch’s of Heart Garnet Pendant for Women

This colourful necklace is simply beautiful. A must-have for vintage-lovers! Styled like a well-chiselled metallic dagger, this bright pendant is inspired by Czech traditions. Gracefully embedded with a variety of dusky wine-crimson garnets, the pendant is for sure a showstopper every time. Something that even the night skies are jealous of!


  1. One Heart Two Souls Couple Rings - Rs.7,000:

A ring of love is a pledge to everlasting love, a promise that you will be together forever. It is a sign of unity and a symbol of an unbreakable bond. It is a personal expression of love and friendship. When you wear it, remember that no bond is stronger than the love you share. It promotes mutual understanding, support and friendship It is a great gift for your loved one It has a high-quality standard finish, with a unique design It is crafted from high-quality white metal alloy material.


  1. Women's Forever Mine Ring - Rs.3,000:

Made for the lady who is not afraid to show how much she loves the one she cares so much. She always thinks of her love and how she could show her feelings to him. This is a big way to express her love. The heart-shaped ring is made with the finest silver. The ring has a high polished finish. The Heart Ring is the perfect gift to your loved one on their Anniversary.