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Ruby Jewellery By Ravia

29/10/2021 | Softran Team

Ruby has classically been the stone of royalty. The shining jewel shines with power and wealth. Ruby has been known to protect its owner and prolong their rule. People’s hearts and persons can be won by it. Ruby also extends to protection to one’s person. The talisman made out of it is said to pierce hearts. It is also said to be peace and prosperity to the bearer. The blood-coloured shine preserves the homes of its owners. It is also known to encourage close ties. Brave and bold people are said to be the favourite of this stone. The gem of soldiers and brave hearts, it is prized in the modern world alike.

It is said to have medicinal properties as well. From healing swelling to stopping bleeding, the stone does it all. This of course is all folklore. Belief in it wholly depends on one’s spiritual leanings. But one thing is for sure, that it is beautiful as hell. Warmer than lover’s hearts, its wearer shines bright like a diamond. This is why we at Ravia give special attention to this stone. We aim to give you a look at our collection of this stone.


Luxury Ruby Set

Made with a feeling of festive romance. Sparkling vibrant Ruby gems. A pair of solitaire ruby dangle earrings, a pendant and a ring set in silver.  A prime example of Ravia Jewel’s workmanship and finesse.


Ruby Classic Pendant

A charming pendant having an oval ruby of deep red colour. Set in prongs in silver metal.  Ruby is the favourite gem of power lovers. Indeed, a great gift for lovers of coloured gemstones.


Fancy Ruby Ring

An oval-shaped ruby set in prongs of silver. The central piece is surrounded by tiny glittering zircons. The perfect ring for special occasions. Gift this to your loved ones, and express your hearts out.


Ruby Drop Earrings

Handcrafted Ruby drop earrings made with love. The earrings feature a high-quality oval cut reddish ruby gemstone. Set in silver prongs. Ideal for daily wear. Sure to become your favourite everyday accessory.


Ruby Statement Ring

This oval-shaped ruby statement ring is made in a 925-sterling silver band. Crafted with delicate hands. Giving it a unique classical touch. Leave everyone speechless.


Ruby Butterfly Style Brooch

An adorable Ruby butterfly brooch featuring Meena work. The butterfly eyes are made of rubies. Worth every penny. Fly high and light like a butterfly.