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Ring Styles & Designs Guide By Ravia.

14/02/2022 | Softran Team

First and foremost, remember that rings come in different shapes. Do you know that circular band that you think of when you think of a ring? That's called a round ring. But there can also be oval rings and square rings. The ring's shape can say a lot about the symbol it's meant to represent. For example, if you're looking at an oval ring, it's usually meant to represent the circle of life. In many cultures, rings are also considered a symbol of loyalty, as a band of metal can never be broken and thus is a symbol for the strength of trust.


But it doesn't stop there. As we mentioned above, rings can have different materials. With heart-shaped rings, you'll usually see either silver or gold. The metal is usually representative of the relationship between the couple. For example, a silver band means something different from a gold one. And, in the same way, yellow gold is also different from white gold. Same with platinum. Without further wait let’s dive into the details about different types of rings;


Types of rings can also be categorized by their unique designs.


Wedding Rings

In some cultures, like in the West, the wedding band is plain. However, no rule says the band must be plain. Perhaps she had a diamond placed in it as a 'something old' to go along with her engagement ring. A bridal set is typically reserved for the bride. In some cultures, many brides receive a bridal set when they get married. It is special and considered to be a part of the wedding. In other cultures such as China, a groom can receive a set of rings. One ring can be his engagement ring, and the other can be his wedding band.


Modern Ring

A modern ring exhibits geometric shapes. This is a type of ring that incorporates straight lines, rectangular shapes and sharp angles. Modern rings are often made using stainless steel, and this is a popular design for wedding rings. Modern, open-style rings are often referred to as eternity rings, which have bands that are open and expand to form a ring "circle" without closing.


Unique Rings

A unique ring has ornamental details. Having an ornate design is one of the best ways to make a ring stand out. This is because many people choose to wear simple and minimalist rings that are not made using any special designs or patterns.


Engagement Rings

These rings are a girl's go-to when it comes to jewellery. Engagement rings are given by a husband-to-be to his wife-to-be as a token of his love, commitment, and future marriage. They are without a doubt the most popular kind of ring; even the name of the band "Diamonds" is a reference to engagement rings. If you go to the diamond district in New York City, you'll see "engagement ring" written on the signs of all the jewellery stores.


You'll also see that engagement rings are always made with diamonds. That doesn't mean all rings are diamond rings, but, if there is no diamond, it's not an engagement ring. As the tradition of engagement rings started in the United States, diamonds are the most common jewel chosen for this type of ring, but that's not the only stone you'll find.


Diamond Ring

If you frequent a jewellery store, you probably know what a diamond is. If not, it's the best-known personification of a gemstone. Diamond rings are rings that contain diamonds. The size of the diamonds can vary from diamond small to diamond extra large. The small diamond ring is usually worn by unmarried women or single girls. The large diamond ring is usually worn by married women or married girls. It can also be worn by unmarried women who don't want anyone to know that they are single.


Solitaire Ring

A solitaire ring is a ring that has one diamond. The diamond can be any shape (round, oval, etc.) and any size. The colour of the diamond is usually clear, but it can be colourless as well. A solitaire ring is commonly known as an engagement ring.


Then some rings are differentiated on how they are worn;


Finger Rings

These are what most people think of when they think of rings. They're worn on one specific finger. These are what most people think of when they think of rings. They're worn on one specific finger.


Finger and Wrist Rings

Wrist rings and finger rings are pretty similar. The former is worn on the wrist, while the latter is worn on the fingers. Wrist rings and finger rings are pretty similar. The former is worn on the wrist, while the latter is worn on the fingers. Anklet Rings These are worn on the feet, but they don't fit in shoes.