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Men’s Collection by Ravia Jewels

15/12/2021 | Softran Team

Men’s Jewellery is on the trend. Everyone from Washington to Moscow wants to have some. Modern men and Desis alike are running to get their hands on the best products out there. Sales of Men’s chain necklaces, Single Pearl Necklaces, to Opal rings are on the rise. Some men like extra preciousness too. Availability is abundant but prices are high. Classics like meteorite jewellery, amethyst jewellery, to real crystal necklaces are in demand too! Designer suits being worn with premium cufflinks and gold rings for men are a new trend too.

Famous figures like Jay-Z, Will Smith, and even Tom Hollands can be seen donning fashionable jewellery all around. Fashion week ramps and magazines are equally flooded with new and rising trends in the market. A major reason for this sudden increase in social media. Websites like Tiktok and Instagram have played a central role in increasing the overall appeal of these adornments. The game has completely changed now.

The new trends are most famous among millennials, followed by Gen Z folks. Global sales have skyrocketed. Each new day brings a new fashion. It is almost impossible to keep up. This is why getting impulsive in these matters isn’t worth the risk. Each penny must be spent sensibly.

We at Ravia strongly believe that these trends are soon to fade. Only classics and timeless pieces will sustain. This is why our collection always sets trends instead of following rising suns. We at Ravia, in collaboration with our source partners, offer pure exquisite kinds of jewels only.  

Without further delay, let’s dive into our most famous pieces.

Vintage Ruby Ring for Men

A special ring with attractive patterns and shining ruby design on top. A favourite of modern men to bright shine like stars in the sky. 


Men's Cuban Curb Chain

A simple and classic addition to your daily attire. This timeless piece is made of a silver curb chain with pave cut oval links.


Screw Nail Men's Bracelet

A statement wrist item made for modern men. With nail-like design, this bangle wraps around your wrist to strike hard in their hearts. 


Men's Vintage Pakistani Coin & Flag Cufflinks

A novelty set of cufflinks with rupee five coin embedded for class. A uniquely designed aura that takes your dressing sense to new heights. 


Sleek Style Black Onyx Drop Pendulum Pendant

With the finesse Sleek of black onyx, this pendant express power beyond comprehension. With back setting of silver, this delicate item is a must have.