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May Birthstone Jewelry At Ravia

16/05/2022 | Softran Team

A perfect gift for May Born

Emerald is the traditional birthstone for May. This stone is also a traditional gift for couples celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary. The word emerald comes from the ancient Latin stem smaragdus, which means “green gem.”


Alluding to its colour, the word emerald means “green gem” in many European languages. It has been appropriated and adapted as the name of cities in Costa Rica (derived from the Spanish, “city of emeralds”). The gemstone is also the namesake of the famed Green Hills of Africa, the lush and green region in Africa once inhabited by the Masai.


Green is the colour of vegetation and growth. The colour green is symbolic of spring and the approach of summer. The creation of emeralds is a natural process. This stone is made from beryl, a silicate mineral that forms in hydrothermal veins of the earth over years.


This stunning green hue is just perfect for any season. It goes so well with our skin tone, helping us look even better. Emeralds are said to be just a step below the diamond.  


You should look into Ravia’s Store to make sure that you get a good price. For the month of may here are our best items for men and women in emeralds.



Made with oval-shaped classic emeralds, this glittering set is layered doubly with small shining cubic zircons. Comes with a pair of studded earrings carrying an English lock, a graceful pendant, and a marvellous ring. This set is curated to make a great addition to your wardrobe. It will give you the wings you always wished for.



A perfect gift for that special someone, this bracelet is made with beautiful oval emeralds and zircons. An indeed classical rendition of beauty and grace. Made to be worn casually every day, and at special moments. Coming with an adjustable clasp, it'll grip best on your wrist.



Not only do these cufflinks look good, but they are also very useful. Crafted using high-quality metal and the best emeralds. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The finishing is good and the silver is shiny. Set in a simple prong setting, these will add class to your look. Reflecting light evenly, these studs are made with intricate precision. Perfect wear for official work and great evenings.