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Jewellery Inspired By The Season

15/03/2022 | Softran Team

The World of Jewellery for Each Season



The season of love, spring calls for colour. Colour the of blooming flowers, the sky, even the sky is blue! So why not add some colour to your jewellery box? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! You can never go wrong with diamonds and this season it’s all about the lighter side of diamonds. diamonds in platinum settings will be easiest to complement your spring wardrobe. From white to yellow to even green! Let this be the season to shine. Moving on to the trendier side of things, let’s talk about the most instagrammable trend this season, just like last year, it’s all about the dainty ear cuff! A fresh look on the dainty ear cuff this season, the dainty ear cuff has been elevated with a twist for the spring season. A simple but effective look for your spring go-to look.



In summer, you need jewellery that is light in colour and as light as possible in weight. You can carry and wear whatever you want to wear, but your jewellery should not be heavy. Summer is all about freshness and shades that are soothing to the eyes. While you can wear shiny and heavier jewellery in winter, your jewellery box is all in pastels in summer. Light shades of blue, green, peach and lavender are among the most sought after colours in the jewellery. Natural tones like these are soothing to the eyes and give a very light and fresh look. The blues and greens are so beautiful that they look like they are glowing. Another shade that attracts attention is the light lavender. If you like wearing jewellery, you should grab a lavender necklace as it is in fashion now. For the warmer months, it’s all about colours and light, airy, shimmery pieces that reflect light to create a luminous glow. Spring brings about pastel shades like mint, baby pink, baby blue, baby yellow, lavender and green, which are great for a feminine, pastel-hued, summer look. You can also pair it with bright bold shades in the middle to go for a colourful summer look. Dangle earrings are trending in spring and summer, especially to go with your light, flowy dresses and maxi skirts. You can also layer it with other items to create a unique personal statement. For a more formal or party look, go for a bold, statement necklace with matching earrings to stand out in your look.



Long, layered necklaces are going to be on-trend for autumn. Look for different shades of colours, particularly earthy tones, such as mustard yellow, rustic orange, deep berry, and chocolate brown. Necklaces should always be chosen for their texture as well as their colour and design. So definitely inject some texture into your necklaces. Go for long, chunky strands, such as suede, beaded, fringe and wovens. Look for bold chunky statement necklaces as well. Beaded necklaces can add that little bit of sparkle and interest to a plain outfit. You can wear them with smart casual outfits, or with a dress and tights for an evening look.



Bangles are essential for your winter wardrobe. A glimmer or sparkle of bangles on your wrist will brighten up your look. Go for fancier looking bangles if you are wearing a gown or long flowing skirt. Cuffs can be worn on your wrists to add some extra warmth to your cold hands. You can go for a rose gold cuff or a gold cuff to add some luxury to your look. You can also try out toe rings to keep your feet warm and chic. For the quintessential winter look, you can go for fur jewellery such as earrings, necklaces, etc. These will keep you warm and stylish. These are the jewellery styles that you can keep handy during the cold winter season! Winter is the time of the year when you want to get cosy into your warm knitwear, leather jackets and coats. For jewellery trends in winter, go for a bold statement necklace, a long chain jacket with a subtle watch underneath or a bracelet chunky to add that layering to your outfit. Winter is the time of the year when you want to accessorize with warm colours and dark jewel tones to add that warm, cosy feel to your outfits. Don’t forget to add a pop of colour to your lips and nails. Think warm, think winter, think gold and you have perfectly matched your jewellery to your outfit. Aside from jewellery, there are also a lot of trends you can adapt for your handbags to match your outfits.