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Autumn Jewelry Inspirations & Styles

03/10/2022 | Softran Team

Choosing one’s attire and style for the autumn season is quite tricky. It is in those times when it's neither cold nor warm. The dresses have to be juggled between these choices. It is too hot for a jacket and too warm for t-shirts and skirts. For most people, it is, fashion-wise, the worst season. One cannot wear any proper dress if there aren’t appropriate pointers. The same applies to jewellery too. The dark fashions do not work, for they are most suitable for winters, while bright colours seem a bit out of place. We held our heads together and found some fascinating ideas for our customers. Hope these would work in your case.

            The first thought that popped into our minds is taking it all simple. Go for simple fashion. A silver chain, ring or bracelet, made in pure 925 sterling silver is good sense in this season. They are neither too bright nor too dark to be categorised with any particular extremity. They are soothing, good to the eye, and best of all, versatile. Fashion accessories, including jewellery, made in silver can be paired up with anything on earth. It can be worn on knee-high skirts on warm days as well as with dark jeans on a colder evening. The fashion statement is subtle too. It doesn’t seem too much out of place to wear these styles.

The second thing that can be tried, and easily donned in the most fashionable way, are pearls. They are a good choice for this season. Pearls, like silver, can be worn on almost everything. They are fancy enough for evenings out, but not too much loud to make everyone around you feel a bit awkward. They are simple, classy and timeless, hence a good choice for the autumn season.

Another good choice to be worn around in autumn is one’s birthstone. To be honest, they can work like magic whenever put on for the simple reason that they represent you not the season or aura around. The birthstones are, in fact, a representation of your soul that you want the general public to have, hence of the best choices to flaunt in autumn.

Lastly, we would also like to make mention chains. A simple chain, made in silver, gold or titanium, is a great fashion statement that can be easily coupled with any sort of clothes in winter. They are as good for shirts as they are for dresses. Try them out too.

At last, we must bring to your notice that we are launching a dedicated autumn collection. Check it out on our website or visit us at our store. Happy Shopping.