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10 Fabulous Rings From Ravia

17/10/2022 | Softran Team

Rings jewellery is fascinating. Detailed bands of intricately crafted magic wrapped around one’s finger. The pure exquisiteness and finesse of a master’s craftsmanship, moulded with love and care. It is quite interesting how rings have played a central part in human history. From kings to modern-day societies, there is a certain kind of emblem on the ring that initiates a person into a special place. Even otherwise, rings are part of daily human life. They are easy to wear and have functional value as well as ornamental grace. We at Ravia pay special attention to our client’s choices. Each ring that our catalogue holds has been crafted keeping in view what the customer might like. In this article, we intend to discuss at length ten of the most charming rings that we have right now. Without further ado, let’s dive right into our collection.


Red Desire (Fancy Ruby Ring for Women - Rs.5,500.00) 

A masterfully crafted ring, handmade in 925 sterling silver with July’s birthstone cut and set into an oval shape. The stone, set in a prong setting, charms around with a halo of glittering zircons to give it the final touch of finesse.



Nature’s Charm (Emerald Women's Pave Ring - Rs.4,000)             

Made with May’s birthstone, this 925 sterling silver ring is made by hand to pay special attention to its intricate details and simple design. The green emerald stone held in four prongs is polished to make you shine bright on those summer evenings.



Filigree Finesse ( Silver Filigree Band Ring for Women - Rs.4,500)              

An ode to the traditions of the east, this handmade ring is crafted with utmost care and professional perfection to make it stand out in the crown. A breathtaking ring to shine around your finger.



Ruby’s Eclipse (Ruby Diversified Band Ring for Women - Rs.5,000)            

A glamorous ring with Ruby stones set in eclipse fashion, this 925 sterling silver ring imitates nature the way you have always liked. Adorn it around during evening parties to make their hearts skip a beat.



Eternal Bliss (Garnet Eternity Stackable Band - Rs.5,500)               

Designed in a tight bezel setting, this Garnet ring is a classic fashion statement that can never go out of style.  Mix and match with anything from formal attire to fashion statement dresses.


Queen Emerald (Dainty Emerald Ring for Women - Rs.5,000)                      

Designed with May’s birthstone at the centre of its design, this easy-to-wear 925 Sterling Silver statement ring shimmers with tiny zircons set around the oval emerald. Make her smile with this charming gift.



Opal Sparkle (Dazzling Fire Opal Ring for Women - Rs.6,500)                        

Centering around October’s Birthstone, this fire-fashioned 925 sterling ring is a classic example of shimmer around one’s personality.



Women's Cushion Cut Peridot Ring Rs.5,000                    

August’s birthstone, Peridot, is showcased in a fashionable setting of sterling silver. This bold yet delicate ring is made with prongs to highlight the stone’s intricate details.



Sensual Solitaire (Solitaire Sapphire Twisted Ring - Rs.5,000)                       

A classic twist ring with intricately crafted sapphire set in the middle to take your fashion sense to a different level.



Whimsy London (Women's London Blue Topaz Ring - Rs.7,000)                 

A mesmerising London Blue Topaz ring with an inky colour sense, imitating deep oceanic desires held in your soul.