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Statement Necklaces by Ravia

25/08/2022 | Softran Team

Statement Necklaces can amp up any lady’s look to a whole new dimension. An easy way to make yourself stand out in the crown, statement necklaces are made with intricacy and love to versatile and spice your style. Suitable for almost all formal and semi-formal occasions, the necklaces give you an instant boost to your charm.

As mentioned before, a statement necklace can make you stand out in all settings. But, there is a catch. Not all statement necklaces are suitable for every occasion. Each setting requires a different kind and class of necklace to complement your look. A small mistake can prove to be fatal, a few odd details go missing and your look is compromised.

Investing in good jewellery is always a great option, to begin with. It lasts longer, gives you a fashionable and sophisticated outlook, and makes you shine across the board. Statement necklaces are quite trendy at the moment. But what may be the right choice for you? There are various ways and places one can wear statement necklaces too. They come in all sorts of sizes, colours and styles, but what style is good for you? This can seem like a complicated question, but don’t worry, we’re here to be of service.


Women's Vintage Mid-Century Emerald Necklace

Emerald, a goddess among gemstones, is a fascinating gem thought to bring harmony and peace. This statement three-strand necklace can outshine everyone around at a party without trying. A gorgeous assortment of emeralds, threaded together to lift your spirits will bring everyone’s attention to you. It is held together with a clasp made of sterling silver.


Black Onyx Biolette Chain Necklace for Women

This staggering statement necklace accompanies fifteen stout faceted dark Onyx stones with a ravishing sparkle, that is positioned inside a silver chain and is held together with a spring clasp. The extraordinary blend of silver chain joins highlighted with Black Onyx Gemstones makes this an extremely gorgeous piece.


Dangling Pearl Floral Gold Plated Necklace for Women

A brilliant statement necklace highlighting minute rough cut white pearl that hangs with gold plated flower made in pure silver. This one-of-a-kind blend of gold chain joined with gold plated empty shape bloom highlighted with unpleasant cut white pearls makes this an extremely versatile statement piece.


There is a dedicated collection of statement pieces available with Ravia Jewels online and in-store. Do check out our website or visit us to get your hands on the limited edition statement pieces. Happy Shopping.