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Shyness Is Women’s Best Jewellery

12/11/2021 | Softran Team

Alas, what can be said about women, the most beautiful creation of the universe? The source of human life. World wouldn’t be bearable without their existence. All religions of the universe have upheld this notion. The respect associated with their names cannot be stated enough. Islam in particular has given a special status to women. They say women’s best jewellery is her shyness. This notion has its roots in the agricultural revolution. Women were given the backseat. Entrusted with taking care of family’s institution. This lack of outgoing led to their ‘shy’ status. Thus evolved all ideas and myths relating to it.

Things have changed with time. Thanks to industrial revolution women are now a part of social life. Ladies from all walks of life are now playing a central role in society. Politics, academia and whatnot. This drastically changes the way world works. With them in centre, the quote’s validity is under question.

This brings us to today’s discussion. Is shyness really an important quality in modern women? The answer is more complex than we think. It has layers. Historical as well as social and political. But we would not delve into these deep details. One must be precise and short. Time’s a constraint among others.

Without further delay, let’s get to the bottom of it. Women are beautiful and strong. Their nerves are better than those of the other genders. Their capacity of expressing strength is stronger. This sends shyness to the back. It may have been true in history. But today’s women’s jewellery is her independence and poise. The class and behaviour she represents.

Women can be seen in all walks of life today. From Politics to civil services, one can easily see examples. Malala, Michelle Obama, Marie Curie and many others are great examples. The power they have shown in face of adversity is commendable. The grace they embody is what makes today’s women. Along with shyness of their nature women also show great humility, kindness and power. A modern woman isn’t the docile house partner they used to be. In addition to taking care of house they are also playing an important role in society’s development. With many female noble laureates the way has bene paved. It is but natural that things are to progress women’s way. The shyness is indeed their best jewellery despite all other things.