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Jewelry Care And Cleaning Techniques

30/12/2021 | Softran Team

Jewellery is a delicate being. It costs much and is hard to care for. Since time immemorial jewels have signified royalty and class. Everyone from kings to priests had their special sort of jewellery to mark their status. Fast forward to the 21st century. We don’t live in the time of monarchs anymore. Life is different. Humans are free and jewellery is used for nothing but fashion. This is where the critical turn comes. In the past royal class had special people to take care of their jewels. From dedicated craftsmen to concubines tasked with removing jewellery from the wearer’s body and safe keep. This isn’t how it is done in today’s world. One has to take care of things themselves. The wearer must act as a keeper too.

Always remember that cleaning gold plated jewellery, cleaning pearls, may be the hardest followed by sterling silver care, platinum ring care, and brass jewellery care.  There are many fancy products like tiffany silver cleaning kits available in the market, while some simple tricks like cleaning pearls with salt are available on the internet too. This confuses us all and forces us to think as to how one should do stainless steel jewellery care and what is the best way to clean pearls. The solution is to keep things simple. The guidelines in the following lines are generally applicable to all sorts of jewels. Further, if deep cleaning is needed then always consult professionals.

Imagine coming tired back home from a party and then being forced to pay extra attention to your earrings and necklace. Tiring right? This is why we have tried through this article to help you with jewellery care. Most of it is about keeping the jewellery in good shape. But at the same time if it followed it’ll ease your tensions too. Take your stress off in a way. Let’s begin.


What to do?

Whenever you are getting ready for a party always do the following before wearing jewels;

  1. Body Lotion.
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Hair Care Creams.
  4. Perfumes, etc.

Only wear your jewellery once you are done with this. The philosophy is to safeguard your jewellery from direct exposure to chemicals. This increases the overall life of the jewellery.

When you are back from an event and are removing your jewellery, always;

  1. Clean jewellery with a soft cloth.
  2. Remove all oils that jewels may have come in contact with.
  3. Store in a fabric-lined box.

These small tricks, as mentioned before, will help elongate the jewellery’s life.

Do Not;

  1. Have jewellery on while doing house chores, gym, gardening, etc.
  2. Expose jewellery to strong chemicals such as detergents, etc.
  3. Expose jewellery to swimming pool water. Because most swimming pools have chlorine which affects the health of jewellery.

The general principle is to keep your jewels clean and dry at all possible times. Exposure to moisture, makeup, etc ruins its shine and enamel. Always have a pure cotton fabric available to softly clean the jewellery before and after wearing. Another hack is to always store each jewellery item separately in soft linen.