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Emerald Jewellery By Ravia

19/10/2021 | Softran Team

Emeralds give life to our wardrobe. In all of the universe, there cannot be a match to its beauty. The sleek and simple flame it gives away is simply beautiful. From everyday wear to sets in events, emeralds can help take your class to a different level. Women considering bringing emeralds to the wardrobe should always start with simpler and clean designs. Many brands and outlets have a variety of ready to wear materials available to show and sell. Experts think that solid colours and clean lines say best about your personality. Emerald gems set in solid designs and clean patterns can take your look to a different world. Today’s world doesn’t like the old fashion of wearing brighter and louder designs. The best dresses to wear with emeralds are blacks and neutral colours. Although an emerald is a man for all, yet some colours are preferred. Our store is full of emerald designs but here we have selected the best among the best for you.


Vintage Mid-Century Emerald Necklace

Made with the goddess of stones, this necklace gives peace and harmony to your soul. This spectacular three-strand beaded necklace is made in gorgeous fine quality green emerald beads. The necklace features a large number of graduating emerald beads and is secured with a silver-spring lock at back. A lovely compliment to your personality, this piece will make a statement and bring all eyes to you!


Emerald Stud Earrings

Colour outside the lines with these emerald stud earrings. Set in classic four-prong settings. This pair of perfectly matched round emeralds come in a lively medium green shade. Perfect for adding personality to your everyday attire.


Dainty Emerald Ring

Perfection made with oval shape emerald held in prongs with small shining zircons. The best gift for your lover. She’ll be all smiles when you present her with this stunning ring.


Stylish Emerald Bracelet

A classic crafted in beautiful oval emeralds and zircons. Made for everyday elegant to evening magnificent. Suitable for any kind of event or special moment!


Deluxe Emerald Set

Stunning jewellery set made with outstanding oval Emeralds and a double layer of tiny glittering zircons. It comes with a pair of stud earrings with an English lock, a pendant, and a ring. This set is a perfect addition to your luxury jewellery collection.


Emerald Eternity Band Ring

Set with nine round perfectly matched emeralds in a vibrant green hue. A beautiful piece of jewellery designed to take from day tonight.


Emerald Butterfly Style Brooch

This adorable Emerald butterfly style brooch features different colours of Meena work. The butterfly eyes are set with round cut rubies while carrying an oval emerald in the middle with three sparkling marcasites stones on its tail. Wear this realistically beautiful butterfly, and let its wings take you high.


Soul Touch Emerald Set

Made for modern and sophisticated people. This oval-shaped emerald solitaire set features a pendant, a ring, and round stud earrings. The best compliment to your classy sensibilities, adding a sparkle to your outfit.