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Best Bracelets Collection for Men by Ravia

29/11/2021 | Softran Team

More men are wearing jewellery now. The demand for bracelets is also on the rise. But what suits you. This is the real question. Each man has his personality and style. Some go hip while others prefer classy looks. The first thing should be colour. Choose what suits your taste. Darker metals go with suits. Shinier ornaments are best with Tees. A sustainable contrast should be your aim. Guidance may be sought from the colour of your watch. Gold and Silver colours are top trends. Some prefer black beads too. Well, at the end of the day it's always about your taste. With this in place, we will show you some from our collection.


Screw Nail Bracelet

This Nail Bangle is a statement item. A rising trend right now it may be a good investment! Perfectly crafted around the wrist it is an unusually charming piece. Put this simple yet classy piece on yourself to charm around everyone. Its nail-like look is what makes it rugged and awesome. 


Sneaker Figaro Chain Bracelet

Presenting our high-quality Figaro sneaker chain style bracelet. The chain sits beautifully around your wrist. A classy statement item for formal occasions. Suits both modern men as well as classy macho types.


Blue Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet

Tiger's Eye gemstone is gold to red-brown in colour. Dipped in silky lustre it enhances your charm.  Our Blue Tiger Eye is made to boost your self-esteem and confidence. This gorgeous natural stone beaded bracelet is best to be worn by oneself or gifted to loved ones.  Each bead is delicately strung in a firm elastic stretch cord. Indeed a wonderful fit for petite to average sized wrists.


Exotic K2 Jasper Bracelet

K2 Jasper is one of the most powerful healing stones in the world. It appears in different colours around the earth. From grey-blue with black texture to white-blue with black texture. This stone is found only in the K2 mountain range. This is what makes it incredible and rare. This K2 stone bracelet is made of jasper beads of bright blue colour and grey granite. It also contains sharply contrasting orbs of bright blue azurite.


Vintage Silver Figaro Chain Bracelet

It is similar to our other Figaro statement item. It differentiates in the delicateness of its make. Dating back to the '70s this design has been adopted to make it more simple and sophisticated.  It uses a lobster clasp to fasten around your wrist.