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The Royal Blues

03/06/2022 | Softran Team

Ancient Egyptians used indigo as a blue dye but without knowing what the true colour of indigo is. The colour which was used for blue in the Egyptian flag was blue which is nowadays referred to as "Egypt blue". The first use of the word blue with its current meaning dates to the late thirteenth century. The word blue comes from the Old English word blaec, which derives from the Proto-Germanic word *blao-. It is a cold colour and is considered to be the direct opposite of red. Blue is one of the three primary colours of pigments (along with red and yellow) and is the only primary colour of pigments that does not have the same warm/cool characteristic as the other two primary colours.

Blue is the colour of heaven and therefore a symbol of divinity. The colour blue is considered to be important in international flags.  But things haven’t been always like this for this colour. In the middle ages, blue was still the colour of the upper class. The colour started to gain popularity when it was first prescribed by the church, but the colour blue is rare in traditional illustrated books until the 19th century.

The reason for this may be the European political dominance of France and to the French, blue is not a very popular colour. In the evolution of modern fine arts, the colour blue has regained recognition and it is now one of the most important colours in fine arts. Just like the yellow colour is located between red and green, the blue colour is located between red and violet. It is a very stable colour, as can be seen in the colour of the sky, and the water.

This likeness to blue has also seeped into people who adore gems and jewels. From queens in ancient times to the everyday man of this age, blue jewellery comes across as the most favourite. With a plethora of options available to choose from, one can easily be confused about what must be done. This is why we at Ravia Jewels have compiled this list of the top three items from our collection for you.

Let’s dive into it they were a submarine that dives into the ocean and discovers the best out there.

Blue Topaz Eternity Band

Made by a beautiful fusion of topaz with sterling silver, this eternity band ring is sure to win everyone’s hearts. Set in a bezel, this tight fit will bring grace closer to you, just the way you have always wanted.


Women's London Blue Topaz Dangling

A cheerful and bright splash on an otherwise plain life, these Blue Topaz earrings are made with love to lift your soul. Mix and match them with your evening outfits, and let them work their magic.


Men's Blue Topaz Tie Pin

Handcrafted with love and professionalism in sterling silver, this blue topaz tie-pin is sure to make your professional and casual outfit more graceful. An outstanding accessory to must-have, this item will last a lifetime and end up becoming a family heirloom.